About Us

Foreclosures are at record levels and families are just struggling to keep their homes.

With the introduction of the Financial Stability Plan released by the Obama Administration in 2009, key problems with the housing crisis are being addressed by helping Americans to reduce monthly mortgage payments to more affordable levels. However, even with the plans that have been put in place by the Administration, the process is still lengthy for obtaining a loan modification or short sale and can be confusing for homeowners.

Working with loan modification companies and attorneys can cost thousands of dollars with no guarantee for successfully modifying your loan. Additionally, dealing with lenders who are oftentimes overworked and understaffed can be a time-consuming and frustrating process.

With more than 50 years of experience working in the real estate finance fields for the largest mortgage lenders in the nation, three industry veterans have decided to use their expertise and do something to help hardworking Americans lower mortgage payments and avoid foreclosure.

The simple and streamlined eModifyMyLoan and eShortSaleMyHome online systems, which were developed by working directly with lenders, are the solution to curbing rapidly increasing foreclosure rates.

With eModifyMyLoan and eShortSaleMyHome, you are walked through a series of questions that will help prepare the documentation you need to successfully negotiate a loan modification or short sale of your home. Best of all, our intuitive online systems allow you do this on your own, without the need of expensive third party loan modification companies. Learn more about who should choose eModifyMyLoan.

By using eModifyMyLoan and eShortSaleMyHome, you will have all of the necessary information upfront and the proper paperwork completed so that you are better prepared when you contact your lender. The products save you time and money while putting you back in control. Simply fill out the online form and then e-mail, fax, or print out and deliver the customized package to your lender for consideration.