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FREE, Easy to use “self-help” loan modification system.

With eModifyMyLoan you can create a complete loan modification package for your lender in less than 30 minutes and it’s absolutely FREE.

  • – NO Software to install!
  • – NO “free consultation” appointment.
  • – eModifyMyLoan will generate all the required   paperwork for you to print and mail or fax to   your lender.
  • – Includes: Expense Summary, Hardship Letter,   Debt-to-Income Ratio and Process Log   Documents.

Success Story

29 days after faxing her eModifyMyLoan package, Bank of America lowered Lisa’s payment from $2883 to $1350-saving her $1533 every month.


If you are looking for a way to lower your monthly mortgage payments or avoid foreclosure through a loan modification or short sale negotiation, you have three basic options:

  1. Pay a professional.
  2. Research and submit the information yourself.
  3. Use eModifyMyLoan or eShortSaleMyHome to guide you through the process.

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Some consumers turn to attorneys or loan modification companies to help them through the process. On average, you can expect a $3000 fee to process your paperwork, which will include creating the documents and representing you with the lender. There is no guarantee of success and many lenders do not treat the paperwork submitted by these organizations with any more priority than they do the documents submitted by individual homeowners.